Friday, February 14, 2014

Flowers and Charging Rhinos

Will took flowers to his kindergarten teacher for Valentines day.

He told me she hugged him "as hard as a charging rhino" when he gave them to her. He was all wide blue eyes and chiclet teeth: "She kept saying thank you, over and over, Mom!"

His teacher is awesome. She works long days and then spends her weekends at her students' basketball games and birthday parties. I wish I could have seen this moment, seen her eyes smiling on my son and that wild pachyderm of a hug.  But I'm glad I wasn't there.

I'm glad Will walked up to her solo with his arms full of blooming valentines. I'm glad not one thank you bounced over his blond head to a doting mama. I'm glad sweet William was the one-and-only recipient of her gratitude. I'm glad that, for once, my oldest child did not have to share anything besides joy.

When I asked how him how his heart felt, giving her that bouquet, he responded, "It felt there was a party in there! Mom, I think God wants people to be kind to each other so we can always feel this way."

I would have loved to have given this hardworking teacher a luxurious day at a spa instead of grocery store flowers. She deserves that-- and more. Many kindnesses we extend can seem insignificant, just tiny pennies tossed into great big fountains. But you know what?  My kids LOVE tossing pennies into fountains.  I do too-- it's really fun.  I like to watch the little splash, and I like to make wishes.

Will reminded me that kindness can be fun too--even small kindnesses. When we can see our kindness splash into another life, it feels a lot like a wish come true, (or as Will would say, a party in your heart.)

And sometimes, we may even get a hug like a charging rhino.

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